Is Hotelcard a subscription?

Upon buying a Hotelcard, you enter a contract with an undetermined length. Since the foundation of our enterprise, in 2009, the majority of our members are very satisfied with our services and for that reason want the Hotelcard in the following year as well. Therefore, the Hotelcard membership extends automatically by 12 additional months after expiry of its validity .

In the interest of fair and open communication, we give our members extremely transparent orientation about this situation. You can renew your Hotelcard independently every time, for a length of 2 or 3 years, to benefit from the discount: the renewal for 2 years costs CHF 173 - you save CHF 25. Should you wish to renew your Hotelcard for 3 years instead it would cost CHF 247 - you save CHF 50. 

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